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Review the processes of drilling laterals and hydraulic fracturing -

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V-Vehicle assessment to begin. Click here for the announcement!

This and That’s - Natural Gas

By: Victoria Lee Hall

In early 1890’s, President Harry Truman’s father, while drilling a water well, struck natural gas. He used it to heat his own house and the house of his neighbor. While the exact mechanism he used to heat the two houses is not known, it is known shortly before (in 1885), the Bunsen Burner was invented, leading to other inventions to heat houses. And, although that seems a long time ago, the very first known natural gas well was drilled by the Chinese in 211 B.C. Later, the Chinese adapted bamboo pipelines to transport natural gas to provide fuel for boiling water, heating, and the first known instances of lighting.


ExCo Resources and Louisiana's first Natural Gas Station -

New American Car Company Will Make History in Louisiana

V-Vehicle Company selects Monroe, La., to begin assembling new automobiles and create 1,400 jobs. READ MORE about this fantastic development for Louisiana.

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FIRST MEETING: We will be meeting at Pat's Place in Zwolle, Louisiana (one mile outside of Zwolle at the corner of Coons Ridge and 191) on Saturday, February 20 at 5PM.
Map of the Zwolle area

SECOND MEETING: We will be meeting back at the American Legion in Shreveport on Thursday, February 25 at 7PM. MAP

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Still meeting. Still protecting landowners.

Some folks think that because the economy is bad and natural gas leasing activities have slowed down that the Haynesville Shale is over.

Well, it's not.

The HSLA is still holding meetings letting landowners know about our program, what to expect and how they can get a lease that's written in their favor - instead of the gas company.