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Isn't it time to
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We think so.

SIGN THE PETITION to switch America's transportation sector to Natural gas (NGV).

Still meeting. Still protecting landowners.

Some folks think that because the economy is bad and natural gas leasing activities have slowed down that the Haynesville Shale is over.

Well, it's not.

The HSLA is still holding meetings letting landowners know about our program, what to expect and how they can get a lease that's written in their favor - instead of the gas company.

We are still here and are in this play for the long haul. So if you are a landowner looking to negotiate a better lease or have become dissatisfied with your current neighborhood association or group, then we hope you consider attending one of our HSLA Citizen Informational meetings.

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The Herd...

Joining together as a group is not really novel. Since animals in the herd banded together for protection, the principle has worked and worked well. Now this age-old principle can work for you. If you own property in Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto, Red River Natchitoches, Bienville, Sabine or Webster Parishes or neighboring areas in Texas counties, Shelby, Harrison, Panola, or Marion that are involved in the Haynesville Shale Play - you need to read this!

Haynesville Shale Landowners is a group of landowners who have joined together to negotiate together for the development of their valuable minerals. This means the membership will have greater strength for a fair deal for each member of the group than each member would have standing alone. Learn More about the HSLA, here.

This group effort gives greater bargaining power and divides the cost of having effective, licensed representation over more properties than just one-at-a-time. In addition, the group provides more and better information than you could find and digest on your own. The group was formed by several citizens who wished to share an attorney for negotiations. The effort paid off by recruiting a Lawyer, a Geologist, a Financial Planner and a CPA. Thus several areas of interest for the Landowner are covered by one cooperative group effort.


1. Take advantage of the elderly.
2. Mislead or deceive the misinformed and uninformed.
3. Go it alone.
4. Sign anything without reading every word.
5. Disparage your neighbors for holding out.
6. Act in haste.
7. Remain uninformed.
8. Blame others for your bad decisions.
9. Claim oil companies are thieves because you signed for a lower rate 2 years ago.

SIGN THE PETITION to protect Haynesville Shale area landowners from poor or harmful drilling practices - SUPPORT the Ordinances that will protect the land and environment of Northwest Louisiana.

T.Boone Pickens

For those of you who could not attend the Pickens Plan presentation this past Wednesday at the Shreveport Convention Center, we have to admit that there was a HUGE turnout and many people were represented - young, old, business people and the regular "Joe Six-Packs" on their day off. After T. Boone’s speech he had a great Question and Answer Session as well where anyone could come up and ask a question about natural gas, its environmental impact, as well as the market and future of alternative energy in America.

As was explained in the presentation, we are currently spending 700 BILLION dollars each year importing oil from outside of the United States. At this rate, our country will basically go broke in ten years or less. This is a critical time for our country and everyone needs to pay attention to what the energy future will be for the United States. Congressional leadership has not produced a solid or thorough Energy Plan in over 40 years and now we are very close to the edge of serious energy problems. Without energy, we cannot move our transportation fleet. Without energy we cannot heat our homes, or even cook our food; this is something that's serious and should be pushed to the top priority in every American's mind - right now.

T. Boone Pickens has been unable to get the kind of Congressional support needed for a strong energy plan - until now. But finally, he is being heard. Throughout various Town Hall Meetings across the country, the Pickens Plan has outlined alternative energy solutions and ways that America can release itself from the grip of foreign oil dependence. Using energy sources such as solar, wind and natural gas, the Pickens Plan seeks to establish an energy independent America - and we can help!

We understand that energy independence is key to our country's future success so we encourage you to learn about the Plan, what it has to offer and lend your support to keep America going strong. Find out more about the Pickens Plan today!

Catch a video featuring Aubrey McClendon on CNBC talking about the US reserves and future potential of natural gas and the find of the Haynesville Shale...

In fact, we think in one accumulation, we found enough gas to supply the whole United States with gas for another 10 years. And so, through the American Clean Skies Foundation, we hired a consulting firm to come in and take a look at what the data we're seeing and see if you arrive at the same conclusion.

There will be more studies. There will be government studies. There will be a lot of industry studies that we think will corroborate what this study found."
Aubrey McClendon, CEO, Chesapeake Energy

Article in the New York Times, with emphasis on DeSoto Parish, Louisiana...

Alternative content

SIGN THE PETITION to help Senator Gautreaux and Representative Smith promote the use of natural gas for Louisiana transportation! Help the HSLA in its' ongoing support for a clean, domestic and responsible fuel - Natural Gas.

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Does your Neighborhood association pay you back? The HSLA does!

What better way to grow your organization than to continually invest back into your own Members? That's why each HSLA Herd member who refers and brings in a brand new Member receives $5.00 per person. To date, we've re-invested hundreds of dollars back into our Members.

At the HSLA, it's just one more way to say "Thank You!" to our Membership.

A word about volume.

Current estimates show that one cubic foot of natural gas is equivalent to roughly the space inside of a typical basketball. Did you know that gas companies expect to produce millions of cubic feet of natural gas per well? Imagine 15 million basketballs being produced from ONE WELL over the course of ONE single DAY.

That is the kind of volume of natural gas that is sitting right below your feet - right now.

So make sure you get the education you need to make the best decision you can, because this is a decision that will affect you and your family for decades to come.

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