Time to pay attention.

There is a new development that can adversely affect your mineral bonus and royalty.

To make a long story short, EnCana, who is another Operator in the Haynesville Shale (much like Chesapeake), is trying to "redraw" section lines in order to create a Drilling Unit that suits their needs - effectively bypassing long established section lines which have served as the proper and legitimate boundary lines for drilling Units all across the area.

If this sort of thing slips by us, then it will set a precedent where gas companies can redraw their drilling Units to suit them. This means that people can be "drawn out" (or rather - left out) of a Unit, perhaps a lease and get no money for their land. We think everyone would agree with us that this is bad for the average landowner in the Haynesville Shale.

EnCana's attempt to redraw the section lines puts many landowners at risk. It's a slippery slope that we want to avoid. So we are choosing to oppose this move by EnCana.

However, we need your help to raise awareness about this issue - to inform as many landowners out there as fast as we can. Spread the word and stand with your neighbors to oppose this action.

The broadcast -

HSLA leadership was interviewed on Labor Day on AM 1300 about this very issue. There is an audio track of that broadcast on our homepage - www.gohsla.org. Please listen to it to get a better idea of what is at stake. You can also look at maps that explain the danger by clicking the "Read More" link on our site.

Although this present action is in North Cross Lake and MLK area, sooner or later this could adversely affect landowners everywhere - and this is why we are fighting so hard now against the large oil & gas interests that want to redraw the map when and how they want.

We need your help...now.

We ask then that you help us inform landowners all across the Haynesville Shale. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your elected leaders. Tell them about our broadcast and then stand with us as we oppose EnCana at their Conference this coming Thursday, 3:30 PM, September 17 at the Clarion Hotel, located at 1419 East 70th Street in Shreveport. See our site for the Conference details.

This is not about any organization, association, coalition or neighborhood - this is something that, if allowed, will just make it that much harder for the little guy landowner to get a break.

We ask that you join with us in opposition. Please get this news out your neighbors. Let them know what's happening right underneath their noses.

We don't have much time.

HSLA Staff

The next HSLA Meeting -

The next HSLA Meeting will be Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Hall located at 5315 South Lakeshore Drive. Here is a map.

If you haven't joined the HSLA, right now is a great time to join the Herd. We have never stopped holding meetings to educate our friends and neighbors about better leasing in the Haynesville Shale. We also have not stopped informing or helping members get their important mineral rights questions answered nor have we stopped working to get the best lease we can - for the best price. Our mission, purpose and goals remain the same - since day one.

Do you know what the difference is between the landowner who gets $10,000.00 per acre and the guy who only got $400.00? The only difference is information! So get informed today. Don't let a lack of information result in a poor negotiation for your own land.

Until next time - we'll see you in the shale.