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Walter F. Johnson's comments to the Commissioner of Conservation's Local Hearing on May 21st...

The HSLA has been circulating petitions supporting bills in the Louisiana legislature developed to start the switch to CNG. Drafted by Nick Gautreaux and Jane Smith, this legislation is a great step in the right direction for Louisiana. It's time to step up and support Nick and Jane who are pushing so hard for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) in Louisiana. The HSLA wholeheartedly supports their efforts!

Don't forget to do your part and sign the HSLA's Petition in support of SB 26 and HB 110 now in the legislative process in the Louisiana Legislature. Credits to be authorized by the bills will help spur demand and thus production of Natural Gas and get our prices back up. Take a few seconds right now to help Nick and Jane get CNG on board for Louisiana!

Click here to sign the HSLA Petition right now!

You can always sign the paper version of our petitions at any of our public meetings. We want to get the completed petition to Representative Smith and Senator Gautreaux as quickly as possible.

Brenda O'Brock's comments...

Thanks so much for your support of Louisiana, our progressive lawmakers like Nick Gautreaux and Jane Smith and CNG!

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